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Who is Z2A Digital Marketing?

Z2A Digital Marketing is a family owned and operated small business. We work local to Londonderry, New Hampshire with fellow small businesses and individuals as what we love most is creating eye catching, soul moving content and being on site makes this possible. We work hard and usually around the clock to ensure our clients are a priority. It's not uncommon to see the whole family at a shoot when their presence enhances the quality of the content. Everyone enjoys creating and editing videos in this family and we love meeting and collaborating with other creatives in the field.


We take pride in promoting kindness at home with our children and in our business, offering our services to all people and all businesses. We believe in helping your neighbor and adding good into the universe.  We keep these values close at hand. 

When Z2A Digital Marketing is clocked out we can be found camping, at sporting events, spending time with loved ones, or just hanging at home with the pups.

Megan Salois

Social Media Manager
Content Creator

Megan proudly wears the badge of a self-proclaimed nerd, hailing from a lineage of two engineers. Immersed in the digital landscape from a young age, technology became her second language. Transitioning into the role of a stay-at-home mother of two, Megan discovered the power of her digital prowess. What began as a casual endeavor to assist friends and acquaintances in growing their small businesses organically evolved into the birth of Z2A Digital Marketing—a testament to Megan's passion and expertise in navigating the dynamic realms of the digital world.

Z and A

Jr. Video Editors

Z and A are the inspiration behind the business. The vision of Z2A Digital Marketing stemmed from wanting to show our children what happens when you work hard and to build a better life for them. They have taken to the content creation side of the business. While Z enjoys editing almost as much as Megan, A flocks to the front of the lens. They both enjoy joining a content shoot and helping to set up and prep a scene. Who knows where their life journey will take them, but they will always be a special piece to this adventure.

AJ Salois

Business Manager

While AJ may be well known for his commercials in the HVAC industry, his invaluable presence extends to the heart of the Z2A Digital Marketing Team. From managing the day tasks of running a business to managing the financial health of the business. AJ serves as an unwavering pillar of support. His magnetic personality occationally graces the forefront of the videos we craft. From the inception of Z2A Digital Marketing, when it was nothing more than a seed of an idea, AJ played an integral role in nurturing and cultivating this passion into a thriving business.

Molly and Dom

Office Morale Coordinators


Molly & Dom are the newest additions to the Z2A Digital Marketing Team. While they may interrupt a good work flow, they are great at reminding us to get up and go outside. They enjoy getting coffee for the office, if it means they also get a pup cup. They boost the drab mood of any late night editing session and continue to make us laugh everyday. Their support to the team is larger than they know! 

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